Family Project

In the picture above, you can see the original toilet paper roll where Renato Salani wrote his Diary in verses while he was a prisoner at a Nazi concentration camp in Italy, during World War II.

In the background: the original music manuscript by Maestro Euclide Salani, Renato and Giulio’s father.

Pictures of their performances as musicians at the Hipocampo Night Club in Caracas, Venezuela: Renato playing the piano and the keyboard, Giulio playing the Sax.

Underneath, a 1944 picture when Giulio and Renato Salani were prisoners at the Fossoli concentration camp.

For more than seventy years my family has kept this roll as a relic.
Today, finally, this “relic” is brought to light.

About the Author

Barbara Salani

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, from an Italian family of musicians, Barbara has pursued a life-long career as a piano teacher and concert pianist.

An alumni of the Juan Manuel Olivares Conservatory, Barbara graduated as Piano Professor under the guidance of Prof. Gerty Haas. Later, she moved to Philadelphia where she graduated at the Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts (currently the University of the Arts) with the famous concert pianist Susan Starr.

In 2017 Barbara wrote and published a book entitled Music for Life, the result of years of research into the last century of her family’s history. The book tracks the story of her father Giulio and his brother, Renato, through their life adventures, first during their younger years in WWII and later in their musical careers through Europe and in Venezuela, sharing their talents and joy for music with different audiences.