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Here are some of the members of the Salani family project. From left to right: Alma, Renato, Barbara, Sergio and Giulio Salani.

This was the home where they lived in Brazil and where you can see Euclide standing on the sidewalk with his two older daughters Elsa and Olga, while baby Ada is sitting on the window held by Maria.

This photo was taken before 1922, Renato was not born yet.

The Salani Family in their home in Brazil. In 1925, the Salani Family moved to Italy.

Renato Salani at 14 years old playing the piano with the Gatto Nero Orchestra.

Photo dedicated to Renato by Ugo Tognazzi during a show…

The Salani family in front of Grandpa Giulio’s house in Massaciuccoli before they were rounded up by the Germans. From the left: Ada, Euclide, Elsa, Maria, and Olga are standing. Giulio and Renato are squatting.

Giulio and Renato, on the promenade of their hometown, Viareggio.

Renato in the center among other musicians of the Orchestra of the Navy which performed throughout Italy: here they were in Florence.

The ruins of the Church of the Fossoli Concentration Camp.

Shacks at Fossoli Concentration Camp.

In the image, the shacks for Jewish families and political opponents seen behind the barbed wire networks that surrounded the Fossoli Camp.

A modern image of the ruins of the shacks of Fossoli Concentration Camp.

The shacks of the Concentration Camp surrounded by barbed wire networks.

Bunk beds at Fossoli Camp.

From the left: Nullo Viti, a dear friend, prisoner as well, Bruna, Elvea and Giulio. Photo taken by Dr. Nesi at the Fossoli Camp on November 16th, 1944.

Finally, after Christmas, the Salani family, after the evacuation order was revoked, could return to their home in Viareggio. From the left: Elsa, Euclide, Renato, Olga, their cousin Italo, Ada, and Giulio in front of their home.

Here we can see Renato at the piano with the orchestra at the Hotel Alhambra in Florence where American officers went to spend the evenings having fun.

Giulio playing the clarinet in Loredano Santini’s Orchestra.

In the picture, Renato Salani’s Quintet S-13.

From left: Nancy, Anna Maria and Alma at Viareggio in 1946

The Trio Alba while performing at Royal Hotel during the Carnival of Viareggio in 1948.

TRIO ALBA in Milan.

Trio Alba at the Casino of the “Principe di Piemonte” in 1948. (From left to right) Alma, Anna Maria and Nancy.

Nancy and Giulio when they met.

They soon got engaged, and their engagement lasted for 5 years while Giulio attended the University of Pisa.

In the picture: the program of “Il Pino nell’Orto”, performed by Renato Salani with his Sextet S-13 and the Trio Alba. Nancy as a soloist in the next photo. This program was a live broadcast on the radio.

The photo represents the S-13 Orchestra while performing at the Gatto Nero Dancing Club and customers dancing, in the pine woods in Viareggio. Giulio Salani is standing playing his tenor sax.

Giulio is playing here the Tenor Sax in the Lotti Orchestra.

Here is the Complete Lotti Orchestra. The second sax from the right is Giulio Salani.

In 1950 Giulio had a contract in Florence where he had the opportunity to play with the famous trumpet player Bill Coleman, in the picture.

Bill Coleman listens amusedly to Giulio while he’s playing the clarinet.

This is Bill Coleman’s dedication to Giulio: “To Salani Giulio, it was great working with you. Sincerely, Bill Coleman.”

In the picture, Giulio’s Degree.